Laura Burke Olson

Laura is an Agile Coach at Ipreo, a financial technology firm. She is currently serving as a Release Train Engineer for highly distributed program. Since arriving at Ipreo, she has played an key role in influencing their Agile adoption, which has grown from two Agile teams to 70+ in two years.

Before joining Ipreo, she was a ScrumMaster at Appia in Durham, NC and an Internal Facilitator at Rally Software in Boulder, CO. At Rally, Laura taught a facilitation course based on Jean Tabaka's book Collaboration Explained. She continues to teach people about facilitation, collaboration and visioning in her current role and in the community.

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Rachel Weston Rowell

Rachel's passion lies in helping organizations transform so that they can not only survive but so that they can shine in their market. She coaches executives and leaders on developing their organizational capabilities so they can learn, respond, and change.

She is an expert facilitator and loves creating spaces where people can work together and drive to action. She believes that meetings do not have to suck.

As a regular performer in an improv comedy group, she has learned how to say “Yes, and” to any situation. Rachel’s positivity makes the challenge of a business transformation an enjoyable—and empowering—experience.


Alex Pukinskis

Alex Pukinskis helps product teams come together to do their best work. Over the last two decades, Alex has worked in product management, development, agile coaching, and strategy roles at Rally Software, Jama, and Thoughtworks.  He’s helped dozens of companies deliver value more frequently, and is always looking to learn more.   Alex is currently an independent consultant based in Portland, Oregon.

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Ronica Roth

Ronica’s passion is to run collaborative meetings that honor the individual, give everyone the chance to do what they do best, and harness the power of team to amplify great work--all in service of creating learning organizations that produce great stuff (including software).

Ronica promotes all things collaborative, creative, agile and lean with great energy and sharp intellect. She is a phenomenal story teller (who once told many stories as a journalist) and who now helps others hone their own storytelling.

Ronica’s current mission is to equip CA Technologies’ agility consultants as they guide and support companies on their transformation journeys. She has more than 15 years of experience in agile practices. Based in Boulder, CO, she speaks and writes regularly on agile topics.


Bob Gower

Building a better world means building better organizations. I support leaders who want to make their organizations faster, leaner, and more responsive.

In my 20+ year career I’ve helped leaders at companies like GE, American Express, Ford, and Travelers create more efficient and effective organizations.

I hold an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio Graduate School and am a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner. I'm the author of "Agile Business: A Leader’s Guide to Harnessing Complexity" and speak and write regularly on how to build great organizations.


Christine Hudson

Christine is helping CA Technologies transform to modern strategy deployment and product delivery methods. She is a skilled facilitator who brings positivity, deep empathy, and an appreciation for each individual to help create high performing teams and focused strategies. Christine works with companies and in communities to support senior leaders practicing lean-agile behaviors and processes, finding the courage to work more transparently, having hard conversations more collaboratively, and bringing their whole selves to work.


Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips works to create the right workflow, mindset, and build great teams. Passionate about working with people who are interested in finding new and brilliant ways of working together. Specializes in Agile transformation, workflow optimization, and portfolio management from idea through delivery. Believes it is more fun to disrupt than to be disrupted -- Why not disrupt yourself before someone else does? Champion of using innovation and collaboration to continually improve how we build great things. Culture creator, change facilitator, organization revisionist, Status-quo reformer, chasm-crosser, Agilist.

Matt pursues Agility in seasonable forms and believes that having the right team, the right tools, and the right environment can be a game changer.


Arjay Hinek

Arjay Hinek has been in Project Management since the 90s and during the last decade, he has helped teams, companies and even individuals apply Agile as a culture rather than a process.  While coaching teams, Product Owners, and Management within small startups as well as large enterprises, he has delivered workshops, training sessions, and talks on all aspects of Agile. As a CSP, Arjay is always looking for ways to help teams learn as they improve.  He comments on those and other Agile efforts in his blog, "So Agile It Hurts Sometimes".