A Focus on Leadership and Collaboration

Collaboration is a huge topic. To help focus content for you as readers and all of our contributors, we are going to solicit and post within themes. Each theme will last for a series of posts (maybe 8-16) and then we will switch to a new theme.  

Our first theme is leadership. Thanks to contributor Alex Pukinskis for kicking it off! Each week, expect to see posts that expand on what it means to be a collaborative leader. Our goal is to ignite a variety of discussions on the same topic and hear different voices, experiences and perspectives.

Some of the other topics that we are interested in discussing this year include the challenges and opportunities of collaborating during times of growth and times of stress, collaboration in government, how to teach collaboration, how to facilitate collaboration, the role of trust, the role of the system versus the individual, and more. We expect more themes to emerge throughout the year and look forward to where this conversation leads us.  And, as always, we welcome your input and guidance. If you have a theme you would like to see covered, tell us about it!