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Is “Thank You” Killing Your Collaboration?

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the famed Hamilton writer, is also responsible for the incredible music in Disney’s Moana. A memorable, character-building song is when the demigod Maui boasts his track record to young Moana. He wrongly assumes that she should be grateful and sings “you’re welcome” over and over again. It’s both hilarious and embarrassing, because she’s not thanking him at all...

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Following the Leader: Creating Your Model for Collaboration

A few weeks ago, I traveled with my husband to his annual planning retreat in the mountains of Virginia. Despite the fact that I wasn’t actually facilitating the meeting, I read through Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up and started to think through what I would do if I were leading their collaborative planning. As I walked along the trails and wondered how their meeting was going, I reflected on his organization’s culture and the companies I’ve worked with and realized that unless this type of collaboration is intentional, it’s not going to happen.

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